Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Gone (2007)

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unka kreepy said...

hello Ainarial,

now, this... is gonna be good.
your whole vision that is, cuz rite now I don't have a dvd player -

I was just searching blogs for Rosemary's Baby soundtrack, and found you.
The 1st one I've found for films of this nature, many many of witch are new to me.

The dvd tray won't play anymore on my Sony Vaio,
"even the phones are dead..." to borrow a line from Boris, The Black Cat.

and you're welcome to see and dl anything you like from my conjoined blog:
one side music and pre-code/no-code horror comics;

my other blogspot delves into rare horror teleplays such as Way Out (Roald Dahl) and Thriller (Boris Karloff).
Scene Thru The Eye Of A Lens

thank you so much for all the things to come...