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The Twilight Zone - TV-Series 1985-1989

Episode 01 : Shatterday (stars : Bruce Willis)
A man named Peter Jay Novins accidentally dials his home phone number, and it's answered by Peter Jay Novins.
Episode 02 :
A Little Peace and Quiet
A harried housewife finds a medallion that gives her the power to freeze time but at a cost.
Episode 03 : WordPlay
A salesman is horrified and frustrated when everyone else inexplicably starts to speak English with the words completely jumbled from their original meanings.
Episode 04 : Dreams for Sale
A woman finds that a relaxing outdoor picnic with her family is nothing more than an escapist fantasy being beamed directly into her brain.
Episode 05 : Chameleon
A space shuttle returns from a mission and NASA discovers that something unusual has been picked up. They discover that they have a shape-changing alien in their holding tank that poses a danger to all.
Episode 06 : The Healer
Jackie Thompson steals a unique stone from a museum. Wounded during his escape, he finds that it has healing powers and becomes a faith healer. But he loses his way, giving in to greed and the stone stops working.
Episode 07 : Children's Zoo
A little girl's parents are always fighting and screaming at each other. She takes them to the Children's Zoo with a special invitation and she gets something very special, something her parents could not even imagine.
Episode 08 : Kentucky Rye
Bob Spindler, a drunk driver is involved in a car crash then he arrives at the "Kentucky Rye" bar where the customers are all victims of drunk drivers , at the end his worst fears are made abvious.
Episode 09 : Little Boy Lost
A photographer, torn between taking a permanet job overseas or getting married and having children , but she decides to take the job then she begins to friends with a familiar little boy , not knowing who he really is.
Episode 10 : Wish Bank
Janice finds a magic lamp at a junk sale. Restrictions and lots of paperwork make the wishes more hasslethan there worth.
Episode 11 : Nightcrawlers
A highway trooper stops by a diner during a rainstorm where a Vietnam veteran's nightmares come to life to terrorise everyone in the cafe.
Episode 12 : If She Dies
A year after his wife died a man is involved in a car accident that leaves his young daughter in a coma. On his way home the man has a vision.
Episode 13 : Ye Gods
Cupid arrives in the modern world. A love spell for his target does not work as well as he hopes.
Episode 14 : Examination DayIn the far future, twelve-year-old Dickie must take the government intelligence test.
Episode 15 :A Message From Charity
A 16-year old in 1985 finds himself in telepathic contact with a girl in 1700. Her knowledge of the future gets her accused of being a witch.
Episode 17 : Paladin of The Lost Hour
A Vietnam vet named Billy saves an old man named Gasper from a mugging at a cemetery. He discovers that this old man holds the future of time in his watch.
Episode 18 : Act Break
A landlord hounds a playwright named Maury for his rent. When the playwright's partner dies of a heart attack, Maury wishes he could have the greatest playwright ever as his partner. Maury is transported back in time and meets Shakespeare.
Episode 19 : The Burning Man
During a heat wave in the 1930's a woman and her nephew enjoy a drive in the country. They encounter a strange man who wants a ride.
Episode 20 : Dealer's Choice
A last-minute replacement player at a Friday night poker game elicits suspicions from the others as a result of his uncanny ability to draw the same cards with each hand dealt.
Episode 21 : Dead Womens Shoes
Shy Maddie finds a pair of shoes and after trying them on, is possessed by the vengeful spirit of a rich murdered woman.
Episode 23 : The Shadow Man
A frightened boy finds comfort and misplaced courage after he sees the Shadow Man coming out from under his bed and it promises not to harm him.
Episode 26 : The Beacon
A physician with car trouble is stuck in an isolated village where the people seem to fear their lighthouse beacon.
Episode 27 : One Life Furnished In Early Poverty
Angry with his adult life, a man, Gus Rosenthal, returns to his childhood stomping ground in Ohio and while digging up an old toy soldier finds himself transported back to when he was a boy. Taking on the guise of a writer he meets himself as a child - angry, frustrated and misunderstood. Taking the name of 'Harry Rosenthal', Gus tries to guide his younger self but sickens from his place out-of-time. When he has to leave he tells his younger self to stay behind...which was what frustrated himself as a child and led to him being so angry throughout his life. Returning to his own time, the old Gus returns to his life, sadder but wiser.
Episode 29 : I of Newton
A mathemetics professor accidentally makes a bargain with the devil and has to figure a way out.
Episode 30 : Night Of The Meek
A down-on-his-luck department store Santa shows the store's owner the true meaning of Christmas.
Episode 31 : But Can She Type ?
A frazzled secretary is transported to a parallel universe where it is highly professional to be a typist with enormous respect and compensation.
Episode 32 : The Star
A starship finds the star of Bethlehem and the remnants of a civilization that died when it went nova.
Episode 33 : Still Life
Finding an old trunk, a couple realizes that it has a false bottom containing a 70-year-old film from the Amazon , then the tribe warriors start to come to life through the photograph , trying to attack the young couple.
Episode 34 : The Little People Of Killany Woods
An Irishman who has regaled his fellow pub-goers for years with stories of Leprechauns attracts unwelcome attention when he starts paying his debts with bits of gold.
Episode 35 : The Misfortune Cookie
A vicious food critic meets his fate through fortune cookies that always tell the future and his punishment from his last fortune cookie doesn't look to good all .
Episode 36 : MONSTERS !
A young monster fan meets a new neighbor who claims to be a vampire.
Episode 37 : A Small Talent For War
When an alien visitor tells delegates at the United Nations that humanity will be exterminated because it has "a small talent for war," the countries of the world struggle to forge a disarmament treaty before the visitor's deadline.
Episode 38 : A Matter Of Minutes
A young couple wakes up one morning to find their street mysteriously devoid of people and blue-suited workers constructing everything in their world.
Episode 39 : The Elevator
Two twenty-something brothers go to their father's laboratory to steal his fathers' growth serum research and sell for their own profit. They find a web-like material, which tastes great. They find large plants. Some plants have increased in size more than others. Then they find animals that have also grown in different degrees of magnitude, but they are all dead.
Episode 40 : Too See The Invisible man
A man is sentenced to abandonement from society in the form of a mark on his forehead for a year the man expericences great loneliness , no member of the public is allowed to notice to him , when his sentence is over , he goes back to living a normal life , then one day he sees a woman serving the same sentence of rejection , does he reject her or give her comfort.
Episode 41 : Tooth And ConsequencesDentist Myron Mandel believes his patients hate him. When the tooth fairy appears, he makes a wish to be loved.
Episode 45 : Personal Demons
A screenwriter is having writer's block when strange impish creatures start haunting him. Sadly, only he can see them , why are they haunting him
Episode 46 : Cold Reading
Actors in a radio play find everything they say turns to reality.
Episode 47 : The Leprachaun Artist
Vacationing in the United States, an Irish leprechaun is caught by three boys. To be freed, he must grant them three wishes,but the boys wishes don't go as planned.
Episode 48 : Dead Run
An out-of-work trucker takes on a bizarre job upon the recommendation of a friend: deliveryman of souls to Hell. He soon begins to realize that Hell is essentially out of control, running on momentum, and that the current regime is way too harsh. Resolved, he decides to begin choosing which among the supposed "damned" should try to make their way to Heaven.
Episode 49 : Profile In Silver
A time travelling researcher attending the assassination of John F. Kennedy impulsively changes history.
Episode 50 : Button,Buton
An unhappy couple is given an unusual offer. Push a button on a box and someone they don't know will die, if they do they will get $200,000 , but at what cost
Episode 51 : Need To Know
In a little town people start going crazy. Edward Sayers is sent by the state senator to investigate. He makes the usual tests but doesn't find anything. He traces it to one person with a very special secret...
Episode 52 : Red SnowA KGB investigator is sent to Siberia to investigate the deaths of communist party officials. Later, he discovers that Stalin's exiles are alive and well. He also discovers dead people drained of blood , this leads to a terryfying.
Episode 53 : Take My Life...Please!
A comedian is killed by the man who he stole his stage act form .When he awakes, he finds himself in a back stage queue waitng to perfom , but for who and why...
Episode 54 : Devil's Alphabet
In Victorian England, a group of college friends, the Devil's Alphabet Society, pledges to meet every year, even if death takes them. As the years pass, many meet with gruesome ends, yet the members continue to meet.
Episode 55 : The Library
A girl who lands a new job at a private library is warned never to look at the books. Taking a peek she learns that there's a book for everyone alive. When a neighbor pesters her, she rewrites his biography.
Episode 56 : Shadow Play
A condemned man, Adam Grant, insists that everything and everyone around him is a dream: one that he can't wake up from. He claims that every time he is executed, he fails to wake up and must relive the whole thing again. His attorney is originally skeptical, but Grant knows all of the "lines" and can predict things that will happen miles away. His attorney tries to get a stay of execution, but is just too late: Grant is "executed" and wakes up at his trial once more. The players have changed roles, but otherwise everything is the same as he must relive the same events over...and over...and over.
Episode 57 : Grace Note
An aspiring opera singer gets an inspiring glimpse of her future, courtesy of a dying wish by her youngest sister.
Episode 58 : A Day In Beaumont
A young couple sees a flying saucer land, but everyone they try to tell doesn't belive them, but there is more they don't know.
Episode 59 : The Last DefenderSir Lancelot, still alive in 1986, seeks the help of the sleeping Merlin in one final battle. But he soon finds himself facing off against the revived wizard, who has other plans.
SEASON 02 [1985] DVDRipsEpisode 01 : The Once and Future King
Episode 02 : The Saucer of Loneliness
Episode 03 : What are Friends For
Episode 04 : Aqua Vita:
Episode 05 : The Storyteller
Episode 06 : Night Song
Episode 07 : The After Hours
Episode 08 : Lost and Found
Episode 09 : The World Next Door
Episode 10 : The Toys of Caliban
Episode 11 : The Convincts Piano
Episode 12 : The Road Less Travelled
Episode 13 : The Card
Episode 14 : The Junction
Episode 15 : The Joyride
Episode 16 : Shelter Skelter
Episode 17 : Private Channel
Episode 18 : Time and Teresa Galowitz
Episode 19 : Voices in the Earth
Episode 20 : Song of The Younger World
Episode 21 : The Girl Married
SEASON 3 [1985] DVDRipEpisode 01 : The Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon
Episode 02 : Extra Innings
Episode 03 : The Crossing
Episode 04 : The Hunters:
Episode 05 : Dream Me A Life
Episode 06 : Memories
Episode 07 : The Hellgramite Method
Episode 08 : Our Selena Is Dying
Episode 09 : The Call
Episode 10 : The Trance
Episode 11 : Acts of Terror
Episode 12 : 20/20 Vison
Episode 13 : There was an old woman
Episode 14 : The Trunk
Episode 15 : Appointment on Route 17
Episode 16 : The Cold Equations
Episode 17 : Stranger in Possum Meadows
Episode 18 : Street of Shadows
Episode 19 : Something in the Walls
Episode 20 : A Game of Pool
Episode 21 : The Wall
Episode 22 : Room 2426
Episode 23 : The Mind of Simon Foster
Episode 24 : Cat and Mouse
Episode 25 : Many,Many Monkeys
Episode 26 : Renedvous in a Dark Place
Episode 27 : Secret Service
Episode 28 : Love is Blind
Episode 29 : Crazy as a Soup Sandwhich
Episode 30 : Father and Son Game

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